Video and Sound Editing

What we do:

Our mission in Tunapanda is to spread dignity, respect, and freedom through learning for creative problem-solving. We build skills in digital technology and encourage our team to take advantage of the existing gaps in the digital world to empower themselves. One of the ways we do that is doing client work like video production and editing. Blending images and sound to make your audience feel emotionally connected when watching is a key part of your company’s core messaging and branding. The goals of editing include telling stories hence bringing the communication closer to the original goal or target.

Why video, is it important?

Video is more versatile and functions across all platforms. It is more engaging and captivating. Most people these days have shorter attention spans, read less and pay less attention to conventional forms of advertising like print or tv ads. At Tunapanda, we develop video content for an organization as we believe it gets attention, keeps attention as well as help retain content.

Video content on your website dramatically heightens visibility to your clients and prospects. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) capability will be greatly increased with video content.Types of video that we produce include Educational video,  short films, DVDs, training in videography.