Tunapanda Song

“Like Da Vinci I’m meditating

I will leave a mark even if I die tomorrow

Antidrugs – I don’t want beer-to-beer

I’m focused in need of peer-to-peer

We’re thinking outside the canvas.” – Slavey da Illest

Kibera Woods, an intercontinental collaboration between indie musician/composer Chris Cunningham (from American band Ravenna Woods) and two of Tunapanda’s apprentice-teachers from Kibera, Nairobi, bring us a new Tunapanda Institute song, aptly titled “Tunapanda.” Judaking and Slavey da Illest lay down verses, with music and hooks produced by Cunningham. The music combines elements of Kenyan hip hop, indie rock, acoustic finger style and electro to produce a refreshingly unique, cross-cultural sound.

Check out the song on SoundCloud below and read the lyrics underneath. The song is in English and Sheng, so you can click on any line for a translation.