Testimonials: “Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story”

On February 19th, Tunapanda Institute screened “Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story” at our facility here in Nairobi, and it is incredible how many on our team members became inspired. Here’s what some of us had to say:

Susan Nempiris


There will be obstacles, doubters, mistakes but with the hard work and determination there is no limit. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try out things.”




Josephine Miliza

Watching the Visioneer documentary helped me understand the inspiration behind XPRIZE Foundation and about being part of something bigger than yourself. My key lesson was at times I fail not because its impossible but I give up. Going forward, I understand that in order to succeed you, I have to be determined, passionate, persistent and most importantly BELIEVE in the impossible. I am truly inspired believe I will be part of a small passionate team solving one of the world’s grand challenges! #creatingabundance ”


Maureen Moraa

Age and time can never be a barrier to what you dream. Working smart plus passion and style can do more than what we anticipate. Let’s keep the dream burning.”




Patrick Gichini

Peter had a passion for space, and no matter the challenges he still held to his dream of making it possible to go to space. He encountered many challenges but instead of giving up like most of us do, he used them as a means of becoming more innovative. As a young Computer Scientist, who has faced many challenges raising fees to complete my university degree and finding my niche in an environment of uncertainty, I related to him in so many ways and felt motivated because now I believe I am part of a bigger community tirelessly working for a bigger purpose to make the world a better place, because I am lucky to be part of the Tunapanda Institute Global Learning XPRIZE team here in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya.”


Allan Niongira

I was moved to see that it is indeed true that information is needed if we are to find solutions to problems of the future. When I saw how the XPRIZE came along from first a group of students that Peter and his partners started back when he was in university, I saw myself among the people who got involved, because if I had the chance, I could for sure have joined the group, and that is why I feel proud to be part of the team at Tunapanda Institute in Kibera that is competing in the Global Learning XPRIZE because I believe that through the competition many children around the world will have a chance to get access to life changing learning materials upon success of the projects be presented.”


Lilian Mogoah


” ‘When I see someone complain, I just want to shake them and ask them why they would not just quit complaining and solve that problem themselves!’ Peter said in the video. And I thought about the many times I faced challenges and went ranting about how bad this world is and felt some shame. I am owning the fact that I fall in Peter’s list and I am happy to also say that I see a lot of things different since then. If we would all try to solve the many problems around us then this world will surely become a better place. Then we won’t have to fear the future but be part of it just like Peter is. I urge that we become visioneers.”