Tech Dada in Boston

In November, three of our team members (Josephine, Cecilia and Risper) were in Boston to showcase our Tech Dada initiative, an outreach program that takes Tunapanda training to girls’ high schools and helps prepare them for future careers in tech, design and business. They took part in an Innovation Marketplace, hosted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Young innovators who use science, technology, innovation and partnership to tackle global challenges showcased their innovations in a stand-like gathering where potential donors and partners passed by to learn more about their innovations.

“Most of the investors who came to our stand were very impressed with the initiative and what gave us a plus was the fact that we had a prototype; Tunapanda’s software “Swag” that was running and would digitize our initiative thus explaining our scalability model. Women were very much impressed and were willing to be part of the initiative,” said Risper.

Our team had the opportunity to gain exposure, build support for the Tech Dada initiative, receive technical feedback and practice valuable pitching skills through the positive and constructive feedback from the judges.

Even though we did not make it to the top three, Risper says the team learnt a lot of things from the experience, received incredible feedback about our initiative and met potential collaborators who believe in our cause.”