Software and Web Development

At Tunapanda, we have a dedicated team of developers working closely with industry experts to develop software based on clients specification. This is to ensure our clients make the right decisions and receive the right quality of work at the right price. We employ design thinking and agile development methodology to ensure the product is customer centric.

Some of the unique features of the platforms Tunapanda has developed include but not limited to the following:

  • We employ agile and scrum methodologies to break the work into small and simple iterations, making it easy for the client and target audience to keep track and give feedback making it easy to change the application hence meeting their needs.
  • Developed using open source technologies hence making it affordable to the communities.
  • Using Human Centered Design approach to develop the applications. This helps in tailoring the applications for the target audience and ensuring that the applications are friendly and easy enough for the target audience to use. No other team combined the combination of global experience with such a culturally and socio-economically diverse team from around East Africa.
  • All our progress is well documented to ensure reference to the data by both our team and client.
  • We include our projects into our curriculum.

Why Softwares?

Technology has really changed how we interact and do many tasks. Software is playing a major role in our lives from how we communicate, prepare our projects, make that million-dollar deal sales pitch to managing todo lists. The development of smartphones has led to high demand for mobile applications that offer a wide range of solutions from simple music players to e-Learning applications. At Tunapanda Institute, we offer solutions for our clients’ needs to satisfaction.


Some of our recent clients include:

  • Certell – an eLearning application called funzo app which is available at Google store, we developed it for a US based organization that’s offering a simplified economics education to users in the rural areas of  Namibia. Using Human Centred Design (HCD), we developed an application that was directly designed by the target users – this was made possible by working with students in remote area of Kinangop and Samburu who share similar characteristics with those in Namibia and employed agile development for iteration and improving i.e. the UI/UX evolved with feedback from users.
  • Crumbs in The Outfield – a website delivering the client’s passion for baseball through poems and photography.
  • Duncan Goldie Scot – a lawyer using the website to market his services and past work.