Nairobi EdTech Startup Weekend

Eleven Tunapanda Institute team members and trainees took part in the Nairobi EdTech Startup Weekend held at Strathmore University in May. Teams had only two days to come up with business ideas, rapidly build prototypes, and deliver pitches to experts in the education and investment spaces. Members of the Tunapanda community were on the 2nd place team, but more importantly everyone learned a great deal about turning original ideas into business models and products.

Similar Startup Weekends were held in 49 cities around the world and TechStars, a world-renowned startup incubator, announced that the Nairobi weekend is one of the winners of the Startup Weekend Global Awards!

Tunapanda Institute was mentioned in the Nairobi post:

Patrick from Tunapanda Institute in Kibera, drew on his experience, “What scares me most is the chaos of setting up a business. It’s more of an art than a science, you can never be sure of anything really. You have to be really flexible as your ideas mutate.”

Congratulations to Nairobi Education Startup Weekend and to all the participants!