eLearning Platforms and Content Development

Across the globe, a large number of learners are unable to access quality learning resources due to a number of factors such as high cost of internet, inadequate learning facilities and the high cost of learning resources. This has caused Tunapanda to embark on a journey of bridging the digital divide by developing affordable eLearning platforms and digital learning content. There is a team with diverse skills and experience in computer programming, HCD (Human Centered Design), project management, curricula development and digital content development.

E-Learning Platforms:

With a dedicated team of developers, Tunapanda is able to develop and deploy eLearning platforms based on client specification. Combined with a strong network of industry professionals with decades of experience, we can ensure you make the right decisions and receive the right quality of work at the right price.

Some of the unique features of the platforms Tunapanda has developed include but not limited to the following:
Delivering content offline. No internet is required for learners to access the platform.

Tracking learners’ progress and performance even when they are learning offline. This helps in improving their learning experiences.

Developed using open source technologies hence making it affordable to the communities.

Using a Human Centered Design approach to develop the platforms. This helps in tailoring the platforms for the target audience and ensuring that the platforms are friendly and easy enough for the learners to use. No other team combined the combination of global experience with such a culturally and socioeconomically diverse team from around East Africa.

Content Development.

Tunapanda develops curricula and digital content for clients using well tested instructional design methodologies such as ADDIE.

At the start of any curriculum or eLearning content development project, our team conducts a needs assessment and analysis in order to determine the needs and goals of your training program.

The content is developed using the latest e-learning standards (xAPI) enabling it to run on any browser without the need of installing any additional plugins.

The quality assurance team ensures that the content is developed as per the clients’ specifications and meets the stated requirements.

Tunapanda has also developed its own content to support learning. The content that Tunapanda develops is open source and free for anyone to use.


Some of our recent clients include:
Certell – Tunapanda developed an e-learning App meant to deliver educational resources to students in rural areas of Namibia. The App is available on Google Play Store.

Learning Lions – Tunapanda recently deployed the Swag system to the Learning Lion’s Institute where it’s currently being used to support learning.

Argon Telecom – Tunapanda developed curriculum and content for Argon Telecom which was used for training their newly hired employees. The major areas of focus were Induction training, customer service, sales, and marketing. The corporate training for this course was also done by Tunapanda.