Craft Developmet at Tunapanda Institute

Tunapanda Institute is helping young people to develop their crafts during and after the three-month intensive learning program. Craft is a skill that “speaks” for you when you are not in the room. It is basically a “virtual brand of yourself”. In the current world, each and every person should have a craft because it is the thing that you will enjoy doing and probably earn money from it. It is something that is learned slowly, mostly by practice. That is why Tunapanda Institute is determined to providing high quality skills to its trainees. At Tunapanda Institute, it is not all about completing the three months and obtaining a certificate. It is just more than that!. We make sure that our trainees are equipped with the necessary skills that will make them productive to the society. Productivity include good communication skills, leadership skills, team work and collaboration, new tech skills, graphic and web design, entrepreneurship skills and many more.

During the three months of training, our trainees are subjected to  curriculum of Technology, Design and Business. During this time, our trainees discover their areas of interest and try to put more effort towards those areas. We fuse the three pillars of learning with soft skills such as growth mindset, psychology and creativity to boost the momentum and self esteem of our trainees. As a result of this, our trainees become experts in their respective areas of interest hence developing their crafts.

Other than 3-month intensive learning, apprenticeship program help a few selected number of trainees to even learn more under the coaching of beautiful Tunapanda Team. More experienced people, people who have been in the institution for long help the new apprentices to gain firmness on the ground as far as apprentices’ interests are concerned. In the last cohort, a total of seven apprentices were selected and are continuing to work on their interests and developing their craft which is the big thing in the current world.