Nairobi EdTech Startup Weekend

Eleven Tunapanda Institute team members and trainees took part in the Nairobi EdTech Startup Weekend held at Strathmore University in May. Teams had only two days to come up with business ideas, rapidly build prototypes, and deliver pitches to experts in the education and investment spaces.┬áMembers of the Tunapanda community were on the 2nd place[…]

Visioneer – Inspiring Minds and Igniting Hearts Globally

The Tunapanda team was very fortunate to have been connected with Nick Nanton, who allowed us to screen his new documentary, “Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story,” at our tech/design/business training facility in Kibera, Nairobi. This great documentary was inspirational to our team of more than 20 young teacher-techie-designer-professional-entrepreneurs here in Kibera, Nairobi because of both[…]

Why Tunapanda Exists

“Florida State University Psychology Professor K. Anders Ericsson studies expert performance, whether in sports, art, or academic pursuits. His research shows that ordinary people with extraordinary motivation can achieve remarkable performance through a pattern of arduous work and study called deliberate practice. By bringing computers and computer networks in to help with the other aspects[…]

Tracking Achievement

A big issue in distributed education is providing motivation and tracking achievement. Many traditional methods of grading and creating courses were done under different constraints – for example, a group of students would all be assigned the same math questions for homework because it was too time-consuming for a teacher to give students independent pathways[…]

The Candy Store

As kids, our dad (i.e. Mick and my dad) would often tell us on a Saturday afternoon that, “It’s time to go to the candy store!” … which meant, of course, the bookstore! We loved these trips, and still enjoy a good Saturday afternoon visit to the “candy store.” This time the books are for[…]


It’s been a busy couple weeks for Tunapanda Institute. After nearly 2 years on the ground working from our partner organizations’ offices and our living rooms, we’re finally opening our own training and content creation center in Kibera, a high-density peri-urban part of Nairobi. 14 full-time trainees joined us on Thursday to begin an intensive[…]

Video Learning in Marginalized Areas

Video Learning Opportunities Tunapanda Institute was born in response to the challenge of spreading high-quality learning opportunities to as many people as possible for the lowest possible cost. The learning should focus on developing marketable talents and creative capacities rather than simply act as a sorting mechanism. In Kenya people value education (and certificates) a[…]

Wanted: 3D Printing Intern

Tunapanda film students at the Human Needs Project completed perhaps one of the most successful first homework assignments ever. Their 2-minute video won a Gigabot large-format 3D printer. So now Tunapanda gets to develop a curriculum and content for teaching 3D printing! We’re recruiting some 3D printing interns for 1-3 months starting ASAP to supervise[…]

Tunapanda World Cultures Quiz Night

Thanks again to Tunapanda Super-Advocates Selena Rathwell and Frederick Goss for organizing the world’s first Tunapanda World Cultures Quiz Night in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event went well and raised $3,000 to help Tunapanda spread digital era vocational skills and self-expression in low-income areas of East Africa. Special thanks also to Claire Law and Helen[…]