2015-2016 Apprentices

Cohort 3 Apprentices (2015) 1. James Werunga James Werunga is an aspiring graphic and web designer. Since graduating from Tunapanda Institute in late 2015, he has been enjoying coaching design, cinematography, and finance. He has also been helping our team create open educational resources to teach others both online and offline. James heard of Tunapanda while working[…]

Visioneer – Inspiring Minds and Igniting Hearts Globally

The Tunapanda team was very fortunate to have been connected with Nick Nanton, who allowed us to screen his new documentary, “Visioneer: The Peter Diamandis Story,” at our tech/design/business training facility in Kibera, Nairobi. This great documentary was inspirational to our team of more than 20 young teacher-techie-designer-professional-entrepreneurs here in Kibera, Nairobi because of both[…]

Tunapanda Song

“Like Da Vinci I’m meditating I will leave a mark even if I die tomorrow Antidrugs – I don’t want beer-to-beer I’m focused in need of peer-to-peer We’re thinking outside the canvas.” – Slavey da Illest Kibera Woods, an intercontinental collaboration between indie musician/composer Chris Cunningham (from American band Ravenna Woods) and two of Tunapanda’s[…]

Article Excerpt

“Lillian Masere has been in the institution for only two weeks now. She appreciates that the institution has helped her realize her dream. Her fighting spirit tells it all. “I learned about Tunapanda last year. I didn’t pass the first interview. I then visited the website and checked for the next application. The space has[…]

About the Award

Over the past few months, UP Magazine has had the opportunity to interview a series of leaders in different fields that all use a design-centric approach to providing solutions to issues that we experience in Nairobi today. These designers, like the Swiss more than half a century before them, are striving to create a vernacular[…]

Video Learning World Championship

Congratulations to Kenyan javelin thrower Julius Yego, who just rocked the world with his 92.72m throw in Beijing to become the first African winner of the World Championships! Yego represents the future of learning skills as he developed his technique through YouTube videos. In 2013 he said, “Everythingchanges…maybe one day many people will be learning[…]

Technology Skills Map

Part of our Swag software involves mapping out paths for people to follow in acquiring various technology, design and business skills. So it was cool to look at this computer-generated map of how various technology skills connect to each other. Everything is connected, after all – and though we may wish to become experts in[…]

Learning (and Teaching) How to Design and Create Mobile Applications

Lilian is currently a trainer at Tunapanda as part of our apprenticeship program.  She graduated from the 3 month intensive ICT training program in May, 2015 Designing a mobile application has always been one of my fantasies.  Apps provide technological solutions for real-life problems, which is probably why so many of us are constantly glued[…]