Tunapanda Growth Mindsets

One meaning of the Kiswahili word “Tunapanda” is “we are growing.” While this name has resulted in people assuming we work in agriculture, a big part of the reason we chose this name is because of one of my favorite educational books. The book, written by Stanford professor Carol Dweck, is called “Mindset.” I recommend[…]

Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Tunapanda is happy to announce that we now accept bitcoin donations. Your generous contributions will go toward our programs which spread digital-era knowledge and skills on the ground in East Africa. We focus on skills that can lead to employment, entrepreneurship and increased self-expression. Tunapanda’s Bitcoin address: 1CU5YgjquupDw6UeXEyA9VEBH34R7fZ19b We think learning about crypto-currencies is a[…]