16-Hour Push: Until 9am Tomorrow

Dear Friends & Family, Since launching our Indiegogo campaign on Monday at 8pm Nairobi time (noon EST), Tunapanda has received an enormous amount of support and encouragement. We are very grateful, and are about to break $2000 in donations. If you haven’t seen our video yet, check it out: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tunapanda-free-education-for-all/x/2693369 However, we will have to[…]

Winning Africa’s Tech Game

Here’s a good article on Africa’s tech game: http://thenextweb.com/africa/2013/03/10/why-winning-in-african-tech-is-a-patience-game/ This is a worthwhile article to read, but I’ll just focus on the Tunapanda-related content right now: “Questions such as how quickly is Africa‚Äôs middle class growing should be asked. By all indications, this number continues to accelerate, with the sweet spot being Africans with a[…]

Can Ubuntu “Cross the Chasm” in Africa First?

This post is about Ubuntu, an open source operating system based on Linux. “Crossing the Chasm” is a marketing term referring to taking a product from primarily early adopters to mainstream usage. Early adopters like to be able to play and tinker, and don’t necessarily mind if things break. Mainstream users want things that “just[…]

Read and Prosper

Eric Colton, founder and president of “Read and Prosper,” came with the Tunapanda team to Elburgon and delivered four e-readers as well as providing small-group training to all the kids. The kids really enjoyed it, and we look forward to integrating e-reader usage into our curricula. You can see some pictures and read my post[…]

Jambo, world.

Welcome to the Tunapanda Blog. We hope you’ll subscribe to our RSS feed, and keep an eye out for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for updates (there are links on the sidebar). We’ll be discussing education and technology in general as well as specifically applied to East Africa, and keep you updated on your[…]