Trained By Tunapanda

The focus of our institution, Trained by Tunapanda is comprised of our in-house technical, professional, and business training services equipping young people with the skills to solve local and global issues.

We are an educative institution delivering 3 month intensive learning experiences in tech, design, and business. There is no cost to the trainees to learn, and to date we have graduated over 100 young people.


Tunapanda Apprentices learn the crafts of coaching, teaching, lesson planning, and administering a learning community. We also enhance passions that we discovered as trainees by engaging in further practical learning in our “advanced track” areas of choice.


Through our established relationships with local organizations and through our interview, business pitching, and CV coaching, over 85% of our graduates have gained meaningful employment.


Tunapanda Journeymen bear full responsibility for all areas of administering the learning community, earn income to sustain the community, continue learning through practical projects, conduct research, and replicate our model with partners in other locations.

Produced By Tunapanda

Produced by Tunapanda is the root of our institution: the proceeds from this section allow us to provide free, offline open source educative materials and to run our Basic Tracks free of cost.

Powered By Tunapanda

We focus on low-cost replicability of training facilities and can offer turnkey solutions for learning. We enable anyone to open schools and create learning experiences in their communities using our unique operating pedagogy, open source tools, offline education networks, and more.
Tunapanda Swag

Swag is our free, Gamified offline delivery platform where you can create your own curricula and lessons. Click here to access Swag!

Tech Dada

There’s a large gender gap in computer science and STEM fields in general, and we look to narrow that gap through our Tech Dada program. We visit local schools and hold workshops to spread interest in computing to young women throughout Nairobi.


TunapandaNet is a free wireless network that connects users to educational content like Tunapanda Swag, Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and open source MOOCs.


Opportunity to make a change

Help us to spread digital era vocational training and increase personal freedom through self-expression. Currently in under-served East African communities, someday everywhere else too. Every dollar helps. Donations are tax-exempt in the United States under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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