<b>Unleashing Potential</b> - Encouraging students to overcome challenges and solve problems using technology <b>Adhering to Open Source Philosophy</b> - We rely on free and open-source software to emphasize collaboration <b>Bridging Digital Divides</b> - Working together to learn

Let's Grow

Planting Growing & Climbing

"Tunapanda" is a Swahili word meaning, "we are planting, growing and climbing." We believe that future growth in opportunity and freedom on our planet are inextricably linked to youth education in underprivileged areas. In particular, education in computer literacy and digital self-expression. Tunapanda funds, installs and operates computer labs in East Africa (one day: globally) and trains youth in digital-era skills. One goal is a system that anyone in the world can copy for free and deploy with minimal training. We are busy planting, growing and climbing digital forests of learning. Join us.

    Video Learning

    Qualified teachers are scarce in Africa, and their time is valuable. Videos are great and free.

    Open Source

    Proprietary software is too expensive. Our computer labs run entirely on open source software.

    The Hard Drive

    “Free” online content is expensive if you pay for bandwidth. Tunapanda spreads it offline.

    Gamification & Motivation

    Short feedback loops and engaging activities are particularly important in low-income areas.


Help grow a better planet

Your contribution helps set up computer labs and train East African youth